Emma Delaney: MVP Off The Field

Emma Delaney: MVP Off The Field

By Sarah Lagasse

BRIDGEWATER, Mass. -- Within her short time here at Bridgewater State University, freshman psychology major, Emma Delaney, has already demonstrated her passion for helping others.

After completing an impressive high school field hockey career as a two time Midland-Wachusett League All-Star, Delaney joined the Bears field hockey program that finished with an excellent 13-7 record.  We are thrilled to announce Emma Delaney as Bridgewater State University's December MVP Off the Field.

Emma graduated from North Middlesex Regional High School within the top 25 students of her class, earning her the Scholar Athlete Award.  While at North Middlesex Regional High School, she helped to counsel children with anxiety disorders and anger management issues as part of an internship she completed with an elementary school guidance counselor in her town.  She also worked as an American Sign Language tutor.

In the community of Townsend, Massachusett, Emma has made a significant impact.  From 2007 to 2009, Delaney volunteered at Carol Shonak's School of Swim, teaching swimming to 3-11 year old children.  She participated in both the Relay for Life and Boston's Annual Breast Cancer Walk multiple times.  From 2010-2011, she raised money for families with sick pets who could not afford the veterinarian bills.  Emma also worked with her Youth Ministry Group to raise money for the local Battered Women's Shelter, Senior Citizen Center, Humane Society, and families in her town who were in need.  During her senior year of high school, Delaney volunteered at Sterling Animal Shelter.  There she fed animals, cleaned cages, prepared animals for the night shift, walked dogs, and answered the questions of potential animal adopters.  To conclude her volunteer experience at the shelter, Delaney delivered a presentation to her classmates and school administrators on the importance of animal shelters within the community.

This past February, Emma raised money to go to New Orleans on a service learning trip.  While there, she helped rebuild two family's homes that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  One family's house was overtaken by toxic waste water.  Delaney worked with others to gut and reconstruct their home.  Her group helped repair the exterior of the second family's house by replacing all damaged wood as well as power washing and residing the house. 

"I want to be able to reach out to others in their time of need and help guide them through it," Emma explains.

Emma has also worked with Green Light New Orleans where she delivered energy saving light bulbs to families in need to help them save money on their electricity bills.  While in New Orleans, Delaney also volunteered with Animal Rescue New Orleans to help them maintain their shelter.  Her group took part in helping local food pantries distribute food to the homeless in the community and other people who were still struggling to recover from the damage Hurricane Katrina left behind.

Emma is hoping to participate further in community service during her collegiate career.  She is very interested in helping those in the Bridgewater community as well as those abroad.

Emma says that her participation in collegiate athletics has taught her "how hard work and integrity go a long way."  She aspires to be a high school guidance counselor and we look forward to watching her grow here at Bridgewater.

MVP Off The Field