B.S.U's athletic booster organization

Greetings Alumni and friends and welcome to the future of Athletic support at Bridgewater State University: The Crimson Pride Club!

For generations of Bridgewater student-athletes, being a Bear has meant being part of a proud tradition built around lessons of teamwork, selflessness and integrity; lessons which have undoubtedly proven invaluable while in college and throughout their later lives. The Crimson Pride Club creates the opportunity for our alumni, and our entire network of friends, to help continue and maintain this tradition by directly supporting today’s student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence both in the classroom and in the athletics arena.

In this unstable economic environment  of continuously shrinking State funding,  today’s Bears are not simply student-athletes, but also employees, interns and student-teachers; and now they are having to add “fundraising” to this already considerable list of responsibilities. The Crimson Pride Club is an initiative intended to provide a more predictable source of financial support so that our student-athletes can spend their time on the priorities that matter most -- their education and continuing to compete at a championship level.

Please join our team! Consider becoming a charter member of the Crimson Pride Club and make a gift today.


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