Great Hill Trails at Bridgewater State University

Since trailblazing began in 2004, more than 3 miles of trails have been groomed and marked in the area surrounding
Bridgewater's Great Hill.

They are located behind Adrian Tinsley Center.  These trails are suitable for many activities including, walking, running, mountain biking, as well as snowshoeing and back-country skiing.  Currently, there are six different Loops, A - F, encompassing a variety of terrain and plant life.  Thanks to the hard-working student employees and volunteers each Loop is maintained year-round.  We hope you enjoy and respect this peaceful and beautiful on-campus natural resource.

For more information or to report trail conditions contact: Dan Rezendes  
Phone: 508-531-2976

Motorized vehicles prohibited ~ Please be respectful of other trail users, and abutting neighbors. 
Carry out anything you have carried in.   

Check out the trails, or download your own map. Trail Map (pdf)

Photo Gallery:  Winter 2008 | Summer2009 | Summer 2010 | Fall 2010 | Spring 2013
Fall 2013 | Spring 2018