BSU SwimAmerica Announcements:

The 2013 SwimAmerica Sessions are as follows:

(July 8-19, 2013 -- July 22-August 2, 2013 -- August 5-16, 2013)



Pre-School Lessons (P1-P2)
 M,W,F ($45.00) or T/TR ($30.00) (8:15-8:45am) or (9:45-10:15am)

Beginner Lessons (L1-L2) Monday-Friday ($70.00) (8:15-8:45am) or (9:45-10:15am)

Intermediate Lessons (L3-L6) Monday-Friday ($70.00) (9:00-9:30am) or 10:30-11:00am)

BSU Competitive Swimming School $100.00
July 8, 2013 through August 16, 2013 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) 7:00am-8:00am


The SwimAmerica Learn to Swim Program

SwimAmerica is a swim program based on safety, fun and fitness. Your child will learn at his or her own pace and develop proper swimming techniques. Children progress from station levels and graduate from one station to the next. This is a goal incentive program where children receive daily rewards as well as certificates of achievement.

The goals range from teaching the swimmer to be comfortable in and around the water, to coordinated rhythmic breathing, the front crawl stroke for 300 yards, and a standing front dive from the side of the pool. The classes meet for either four or six 30-minute lessons (20 Minute plus 10 Minutes of Play for Pre-School) over a period of two weeks. Children move at their own pace from one skill station to the next.

SwimAmerica is a professionally run, coach supervised organization with a highly trained staff teaching students of all ages how to swim using proper technique. SwimAmerica provides exemplary service and support from the national level so every student is taught with care, compassion, humor, respect and understanding.

Summer Session 2013

Pre-School Swimmer (P1-P2)

Beginner Swimmer (L1-L2)

Intermediate Swimmer (L3-L6)

Competitive Swimming School
(ages 13-17)
 (limit of 30)

Adult Swimming
Coached Workouts

Private & Buddy Lessons

Program Director Information


Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact:

Michael Caruso:
BSU Aquatics Director & Head Swimming and Diving Coach
SwimAmerica Program Director
Office Phone Number: 508-531-2327 (ext. 2327)
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.
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