Medical Clearance Requirements

All Varsity intercollegiate student athletes are required to be medically cleared by the Athletic Training-Sports Medicine (AT-SM) department prior to their first day of practice.  The student athlete is not permitted to participate in any practices or competitions until obtaining medical clearance. BSU AT-SM uses Frontrush for our online medical clearance form submission. You will receive a frontrush email from one of the sports medicine staff members with a link to login username and password creating.  Please read the entire email carefully as it has detailed instructions and information regarding the medical clearance process.  

RETURNING AND FIRST YEAR (Freshman and transfer) student-athletes must complete the following:

(Medical Clearance Requirements):
1. Frontrush compliance BSU AT-SM Athletic Health Questionnaire (there are no longer 2 different forms for first year and returning student-athletes)
2. Frontrush compliance insurance card submission (uploaded images of front and back of card)
3. Frontrush compliance Sickle Cell and Concussion education material (electronic signature)
4. Choose and submit 1 of the 3 Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) options (1. Waiver, 2. Get SCT tested and submit results/pending status 3. Birth Hospital SCT test results) (The Waiver can be electronically signed via Frontrush) Options 2 and 3 are recommended. If a returning student-athlete believes he/she has submitted the Sickle Cell Trait Status in a previous year (not the waiver) please contact us for confirmation.


Gettting Started:  Frontrush links can be sent once the coach adds you to the teams frontrush roster with your name, BSU email address, cell phone number, home address and date of birth. Contacting the coach with this information will facilitate the process. 

5. Submission of Pre-Participation Physical to AT-Sports Medicine (physical must be within 6 months of first practice and states student-athlete is ok to play sports without restrictions)

THE ONLY FORMS THAT CAN BE SUBMITTED IN PAPER FORMAT ARE THE PHYSICAL AND THE SICKLE CELL TRAIT STATUS FORMS. These forms can be mailed to 325 Plymouth Street, Bridgewater, MA 02325, faxed to 508-531-1447 or submitted in person. (c/o BSU Director of Sports Medicine)

BSU Physical Exam/Medical Evaluation Form     
        Sickle Cell Trait Verification Form    


Due Dates for ALL Medical Clearance forms:

Fall Team Athletes:  August 1st*

Winter and Spring Team Athletes:  September 1st*

 *Forms submitted after the due dates will be reviewed as they are received, but medical clearance cannot be guaranteed by the first practice. 


Mail of fax Sickle Cell Trait and Physical forms to:

Jeanne O’Brien, MS, ATC, LAT
Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine
Bridgewater State University
325 Plymouth Street
Bridgewater, MA 02325

Or Fax forms to: 508-531-1447