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 Read the Overtraining article by Chris Noyes, Former BSU staff Athletic Trainer.




 The NCAA is now requiring all member institutions to confirm each student athlete's sickle cell trait status (SCTS).  First year (freshman and transfer) student athletes must provide documented proof of their SCTS prior to participating (this inlcudes practices, contests and conditioning) as of August 2013.  ALL remaining returning student athletes will need to provide confirmation documentation starting August 2014.  We are sending the requirements and procedures out to all student athletes to obtain this confirmation as soon as possible.  This WILL impact your medical clearance status.

Student athletes who are positive for Sickle Cell Trait will be allowed to participate in intercollegiate athletics; this does NOT prohibit the student athlete from participating.  Knowing your SCTS will help the athletics department staff (Athletic Trainers, physicians and coaches) make adjustments to your training program, monitor your health during participation and provide proper care if you become ill.  Educational material regarding SCT can be found through the links below, on our website and included with your Athletic Health Questionnaire for you to print and keep.

One of the following options must be chosen to meet the SCTS confirmation requirement:

1. Provide a copy of your newborn sickle cell test results.  Contact your Hospital of birth and/or you pediatrician's office and request your SCTS results from birth. Most states, after March 6, 1990, require newborns to be tested for SCT. Use Sickle Cell Trait Status Verification form.

2.  Provide a copy of a recent Sickle Cell Solubility test indicating your SCTS. (This requires a written request from a physician, a blood draw from physicians office or lab and a lab test). Use Sickle Cell Trait Status Verification form.

3. Sign a waiver declining options 1 and 2. Use Sickle Cell Trait Testing Waiver form.

While the waiver is the quickest and easiest option it is not recommended.  The best options for your health and safety is to confirm your SCTS. 

 NCAA Video: The Student athlete with Sickle Cell Trait

Sickle Cell Trait Awareness (CDC)

Fact sheet for Student-Athletes                                        Fact sheet for Coaches



With all the recent media attention regarding the negative impact of concussions on our student-athletes, the NCAA has adopted new guidelines that govern how sports medicine personnell are to manage concussions.

The goods news, for Bridgewater State University student-athletes, is that the new guidelines are NOT stricter than how the BSU Sports Medicine~Athletic Training staff have already been managing concusssions! In fact, we are proud to say that we are right on target!!

We have incorporated the Impact Concussion Assessment into our program. The Impact Assessment program allows us to have a baseline assessement for each athlete in contact and collision sports/positions at Bridgewater State and allows us to thoroughly assess post concussion symptoms. This adds another measure to determine when it is safe for you to return.

You will notice that there is an additional page attached to your Athletic Health Questionnaire. This is the required concussion educational mate rial for you to review and keep for your records.

If you have any questions regarding concussions (what a concussion is, what the signs and symptoms are of a concussion and what you should do if you suspect that you or one of your teammates has a concussion) simply ask one of your Sports Medicine~Athletic Training staff members.

NCAA Concussion Video: Concussions: Don't Hide It, Report It, Take Time to Recover

Fact sheet for Student-Athletes                          Fact sheet for Coaches




The NCAA is implementing a stricter application of the existing Medical Exceptions policy which will require proof of current prescriptions for every medication an athlete is taking that is a banned substance, as well as, proof of proper diagnostic procedures(particularly for ADHD diagnosis and medications). For more information click the link for Medical Exceptions below, as well as, a link to the BSU Medical Exceptions Form that you should download and give to your treating physician/clinician to complete.  With respect to supplements

NCAA Medical Exceptions

BSU Medical Exceptions Form for Physician/Clinician to complete

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