Here are the registered members of the BSU Swimming and Diving Alumni and Former Teammates Group.

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BSU Swimming and Diving Alumni Homepage


Name BSU Class Swimmer/Diver
Michael Caruso 2002 Swimmer
Emily Manion 2003 Swimmer
Jennifer Jackson 2008 Diver
Michael Crocker 2010 Swimmer
Jim Barnard 2003 Swimmer
Brendan Sullivan 2010 Swimmer
Shaunessy Egan 2004 Swimmer
Carly Lindhal 2009 Swimmer
 Erin Litchfield  2006 Swimmer 
 Kyle Browning  1996 Swimmer 
Lisa Arsenault 2003 Swimmer
Paul "Duffy" Dauphinais 1977 Swimmer
Meghan Kennedy 2009 Swimmer
Scott Allen 2004 Swimmer
Josh Sturges 2009 Swimmer/Diver
Ben Mattson 2010 Swimmer
Kelan O'Connell 09-10 Swimmer
Sam Herman 2010 Swimmer
Jen Bithell (Johnson) 2003 Swimmer
Jeff Moll 2001 Swimmer
Lauren Stanton 2011 Swimmer
Jeff Stackpole 2004 Swimmer
Joe Richards 2001 Swimmer
Kate McLean 2004 Swimmer
Pamela Eaton 2002 Swimmer
Brian Banks 2005 Swimmer
Jonathan Siladi 2004 Swimmer
Andy Meyer 2001 Swimmer
Michelle McBride 1992 Swimmer
Bob Johnston 1973 Swimmer
Kristin Legere Moreau 1989-1992 Coach
Mauer Desai 2009 Swimmer
Annie Nolan Starr 2004 Swimmer
Joanne Grant (Anderson) 1990 Swimmer
Tara Morano (Dolan) 1992 Diver
Alison (Cook) Fitzpatrick 1993 Swimmer
Stephanie Kozowyk 1991 Swimmer
Dan Beauregard 1975 Diver
Bruce Morell 1975 Swimmer/Diver
Jillian Coache 2005 Swimmer
Erin Bentley 2010 Swimmer
Mike Pollak 2006 Swimmer
Dana Brackett 1976 Swimmer
Bill Thompson 1973 Swimmer
Jean Thompson 1973 Fan/Friend
George Pelati 1973 Swimmer/Asst. Coach (73/74)
Erin Lane Kennedy 1992 Swimmer
Jessica (Busch) Burke 2003 Swimmer
Kerry Toler 1992 Swimmer
Mel Crotty 1973 Swimmer
Brooke Ashley (Burgess) 1992 Swimmer
Heather Lambert-Scholfield 1991 Swimmer
Denise Murphy 1991 Swimmer
Erin (Majeran) Flanagan 2004 Swimmer
William Walker 1972 Swimmer/Coach/Official
Cindy (Nimmo) O'Brien 1980-82 Swimmer
Joseph "Coach Y" Yeskewicz 1969-93 Coach
Sandy Yeskewicz 1969-93 Fan/Friend


BSU Swimming and Diving Alumni Homepage 


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