MASCAC Winter Sportsmanship Teams Announced

MASCAC Winter Sportsmanship Teams Announced

WESTFIELD, Mass. -- 29 Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) student-athletes have been recognized for their outstanding sportsmanship as members of the 2014-15 Winter Sportsmanship Teams.

The MASCAC Sportsmanship Teams recognize student-athletes and coaches who display outstanding sportsmanship on and off the field. As an important piece of the MASCAC and NCAA philosophy, the representatives on the team display what it means to have good sportsmanship in the MASCAC.

The sports that are represented on the winter team are men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s indoor track and field and men’s ice hockey. A student-athlete from each institution is selected by their coach to be placed on the Sportsmanship Teams. Joining the student-athletes is also a coach who was voted on by their peers to be the Sportsmanship Coach of the Year for their respective sport.

Matt Daniels of Bridgewater State, Anthony Muccioli of Fitchburg State, Daniel Gould of Framingham State, Todd Hunt of MCLA, Chris Parenteau of Salem State, Dan Johnson of Westfield State and Manny Cabral of Worcester State were named to the Sportsmanship Team from men’s basketball. Bridgewater State’s Joe Farroba was voted as the Men’s Basketball Sportsmanship Coach of the Year.

On the women’s basketball team, Melissa Daigle of Bridgewater State, Laura Cote of Fitchburg State, Johanna Annunziata of Framingham State, Courtney Durivage of MCLA, Malissa Saad of Salem State, Molly Waitt of Westfield State and Kiesha Jones of Worcester State take home the sportsmanship honor. MCLA’s Holly McGovern was picked as the Sportsmanship Coach of the Year for the team.

Headlining the Men’s Ice Hockey Sportsmanship Team are Craig Halpin of Fitchburg State, Alessio Muggli of Framingham State, Mike Freitag of Plymouth State, Ian Canty of Salem State, John Sartell of UMass Dartmouth, Dan Loughlin of Westfield State and Cody Osburn of Worcester State. UMass Dartmouth’s John Rolli was named the Men’s Ice Hockey Sportsmanship Coach of the Year.

Sabrina Rizzo of Bridgewater State, Jenae Harrison of Fitchburg State, Meg McNamara of Westfield State and Alexandria McMahon of Worcester State are the Women’s Indoor Track and Field Sportsmanship Team honorees. Bridgewater State’s Amy Delgado was voted as the Sportsmanship Coach of the Year for the squad.

Rounding out the sportsmanship squads is men’s indoor track and field where Joseph Danner-Hicks of Bridgewater State, Chauncey Beatty of Fitchburg State, John Tomlin of Westfield State and Teddy Ferreira of Worcester State are recognized. Bridgewater State’s TJ Smith earned the Sportsmanship Coach of the Year accolades.