Bridgewater State Mascot

The Mascot at Bridgewater is named BRISTACO, Named after the former college title.

BRIdgewater STAte COllege - BRISTACO Bear

The Bear as the Schools Mascot was decided by an student vote back in the 1960's when Bridgewater State brought modern day football to the College.  The Bear mascot has changed it look over the years to the current mascot logo redesigned in the early 2000's and the Mascot Costume redesign in 2015.

If you would like BRISTACO to make an appearance at you event please let us know by filling out an appearance form.

appearances on campus will need 48 hours advance notice, off campus appearances need a week notice to schedule.  

All appearences are scheduled if BRISTACO is free from supporting his fellow Bears at games.

Off-Campus appearences may have charge for the travel and staffing.  This will be determined of the event and the distance and time.  Most appearences require a handler for BRISTACO, a place to change and take breaks

  Click for Appearance Form