The 3rd Annual BSU & JDRF Belly Flop & Cannonball Diving Contest!!

Wednesday April 30, 2014 at 7:30pm

Bridgewater State University (@ the Kelly Gymnasium and the Dr. Mary Jo Moriarty Pool)

(BSU Campus Map)

Entry Procedures-

1. Register on line: The 3rd Annual BSU & JDRF Belly Flop and Cannonball Contest 2014!!

2. Click on "DONATE" (top right or bottom left of the page)

3. When filling out the form please type "CONTEST" in the "Personal Note" field if you are participating in the event.

4. Registration for the event is $5.00 per contestant. (All proceeds go directly to JDRF)

5. You can also register the day of the event.

6. If you can’t make it or don’t want to compete you can make a donation by clicking the link above.

7. Registration is open to all Students, Staff, and the Public.  The contest is open to ages 8 and above.

8. If the diving board makes you nervous you can jump from a starting block or the side of pool deck.

9. Our Promotional video: Our 2014 Promotional Video (Created by S.P.A.T. Productions)


The BSU & JDRF BFCD is a contest REQUIRING at least THREE distinct contestant REQUIREMENTS. The 3rd Annual BSU & JDRF Belly Flop and Cannonball Diving Contest demands that each entrant:

 1. Demonstrate a inhibited temperament.

 2. Be blessed with an appealing smile.

 3. Come equipped with a colorful swimsuit/costume.


Competitors will perform two rounds of dives from the one-meter springboard, either of the belly flop or tightly-tucked cannonball style.

The BSU & JDRF BFCD will be scored on the established world-class standards:

 1. Entrance Demeanor (Flamboyance)  

 2. Estimated height of splash.

 3. Estimated weight of water displaced.

 4. Degree of difficulty.

 5. Personality (e.g. smiling/screaming a lot).

 6. Artistry and color choice of bathing-suit/costume.


 Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact:

Michael Caruso, Aquatics Director
Office Phone Number: 508-531-2327 (ext. 2327)
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

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